Meet Frida

I was born into the peace movement, as recounted in my book “It Runs in The Family: On Being Raised By Radicals and Growing Into Rebellious Motherhood” (OR Books, 2015), and I have spoken and written extensively on peace and parenthood. As a member of the National Committee of the War Resisters League (2000-2016), I reviewed and approved budgets, determined strategic direction, evaluated and managed staff, and participated in hiring processes, while, in the New York City local, I organized actions, networked with other groups, and engaged in community outreach. I was a founding member of Witness Against Torture, the grassroots movement to shut down Guantanamo and end the US practice of torture.

Since moving to New London in 2010, I have become active with local organizations that promote peace, justice, and equity. I am employed as office manager, grant writer, newsletter editor, and community relationship builder for FRESH New London, a non-profit dedicated to creating an equitable food system, improving neglected spaces, and empowering youth to become community leaders. I am a founding member of the Southeastern Connecticut Community Land Trust, which was created to hold land for permanently affordable housing, food production, green space, and facilities for community organizations. I also helped the local refugee support group Start Fresh resettle families in New London by soliciting, accepting and preparing donations of clothes and household goods, and I serve as secretary of the board of Saint Francis House, a local center for peace and justice ministry.

New London is a very diverse small city which is also one of the poorest in Connecticut. Always on the lookout for ways to broaden the city’s tax base and spur economic development, New London’s leaders have typically provided financial incentives for large-scale commercial and residential projects. These development plans frequently ignore the needs of the majority of residents and, in the worst cases, have displaced them with no guarantee of benefit to the city as a whole. One reason I am running for mayor is to bring a new vision of community development that is resilient, equitable, inclusive, and appreciative of the historic, cultural, and natural resources that make our city a vibrant and nurturing place to live.

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2014. This is my first run for public office, and I am motivated by the opportunity to bring the Green Party principles of ecology, social justice, peace, and democracy into planning for New London’s future.